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Timeliner XE is the powerful and intuitive software program students use to organize data—on multimedia timelines, sequences, and cycles—to see the connections, and transform a world of information into real knowledge.

Ancient Egypt Timeline


Activities across the curriculum.
More than 400 customizable activity files in language arts, science, and social studies are included with the program. There are 50 ready-made research assignments that include free, educationally appropriate articles from Grolier Online. Teachers can also quickly assess student understanding of sequential information with engaging scramble challenges. Finally, students work on their critical thinking skills as they fill in missing information in the “Finish Me” timeline activities. Teachers can easily author their own activities, too!


Research in the 21st Century


Communication to build understanding.
Communication is not only a way to share knowledge, but also a way to deepen one’s own understanding. Timeliner XE has been built with this in mind. Students can transform their sequences into multimedia slideshows without leaving the program. Students can create their own or use pre-made templates. When presenting, you can move the Timeliner XE toolbar to the bottom of the screen to use with interactive whiteboards. Students can also share their understanding with parents by saving their projects in PDF format.

Intuitive, all-in-one tool.
Visually organize any sequential information on a horizontal, vertical, or circular sequence in just minutes. Timeliner XE automatically plots the events in proportional distance to each other. Using the formatting tools and library of over 1000 media files, students can express their creativity and fully engage with the curriculum.


Activities across the curriculum


Research in the 21st Century.
Students gather information seamlessly from the web using Timeliner XE’s built-in browser. Take electronic notes while researching on the web, without ever leaving the program. This revolutionary technology allows students to grab online images, sounds, and movies—complete with citations! Notes and media then turn into a finished timeline with just one click.



Communication to build understanding

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