Science Court: Soil

For Grades 4 6
Science Court: SoilScience Court: Soil

Build lasting understanding through guided discussion and fun, hands-on learning!

This program offers a research-based way to introduce core science topics and model scientific processes in the classroom -- while fully engaging students with the humor of the Science Court.

Product Features

Over the course of the trial, students will learn:

  • What plants need to grow
  • The inorganic and organic materials that make up soil
  • The roles soil plays in aiding plant growth
  • How worms make the soil better for plant growth
  • How to set up experiments to:
  • separate into layers the different types of materials that make up soil
  • test how well water moves, or percolates, through soil
  • observe how worms mix layers of soil
  • test how well plants grow in different types of soil
  • How to work as a team by:
  • becoming members of an interdependent group
  • listening and talking with others
  • sharing a common goal

Meets State and National Standards

Your students will:

  • Use scientific processes and hands-on experimentation to break down students' persistent misconceptions in science
  • Learn and apply core concepts in science, gather evidence, and make observations
  • Use science to explain natural and physical phenomena
  • Improve their ability to recall content and respond to open-ended questions
Download Your Free e-Kit!

Download Your Free e-Kit!

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